Impartiality Policy

i2P2M manages conflict of interest and ensures objectivity in its certification activities by :
  • Acting impartially to all applicants, candidates and certified persons irrespective of their associations, background, location, employment.
  • Treating all applicants, candidates or certified persons fairly and equally during the certification process and subsequently.
  • Not restricting the certification on the ground of undue financial or other limiting conditions.
  • Ensuring that its financial dealings are fair, fee structure is market based and no money is unduly charged based on candidate’s affiliations / background/ performance, including memberships of groups, source of training etc.
  • Remaining fully responsible for all certification decisions and the impartiality of certification processes and by not allowing any extraneous influence including commercial, financial and other pressures.
  • To ensure that no company/individual having ownership/relationship with i2P2M (CAB) can exercise any undue influence on certification process and its administration. i2P2M CAB, does not have any common staff with any other organisation. i2P2M does not have any restrictive contractual arrangement with related bodies which can impact the personal certification.
  • Allowing any person’s candidature for Certification irrespective of where he gets his project management training.

Confidentiality Policy

i2P2M understands the importance of and is committed to Confidentiality of information in carrying out its certification activity.

Confidentiality of information and data is of utmost importance to i2P2M for the efficacy and trustworthiness of the system.

It shall be ensured that confidentiality of information and data collected, obtained based on certification process or from sources other than the applicant, candidate or certified person is not disclosed, in an unauthorized manner, without concerned person’s written consent, except when required under law.

When required to be disclosed under law to release an information related to an applicant, candidate or certified person, he/she shall be notified as to what information will be disclosed, unless the law bars it.

Security Policy

i2P2M understands the importance of and is committed to Security of information, data, documents & records in carrying out its certification activity.

i2P2M’s management gives high level of emphasis to security throughout the entire certification process, for the reliability and efficacy of the system, by ensuring:

  • Security of question bank
  • Security and confidentiality of examination material during generation of question papers
  • Transmittal of question paper to examination centres
  • Retrieval of Question paper along with answer- books
  • Undertaking of non- disclosure of questions from the attendees
  • Prevention of fraudulent practices during examination
  • Security of examination material and related equipment
  • Security of data on electronic media and in hard copies
  • Safeguarding of examination results for any trends of fraudulent practices
  • Security of results during reporting
  • In case of on-line exam security of question paper and answers papers during electronically available to each candidates own computer by use of appropriate technology

Management Policy

i2P2M aims

to establish itself as the foremost certification organization globally, providing “Made in India” Project Management Certifications that cover all round global inputs with focus on Indian scenario.

Our mission

is to create future leaders and managers with world class certification credentials through impeccable integrity, impartiality, confidentiality and professionalism.


  1. To equip project leaders, managers, and professionals from all sectors as well as engineering graduates, trainees and students to handle the complexity of tomorrow by building their Knowledge, Competency and Leadership through acquiring of project management certification. We could measure the better prospects for employability and to see the positive impact at their work place by savings in time and cost. We would rely on the feedback from employers. In view of the importance of project management in India, it is our target to increase the Certification in Project Management credential holders by a growth rate of 2.5% annually.
  2. Create and offer world class certifications for step by step up-gradation of project management professionals’ credentials through their complete life cycle. We would measure the number of students who have progressively moved from Certificate in Project Management to higher level of certifications and or diploma programs. We would like at least 10% CIPM credential holders to acquire higher level diploma in project management on an annual basis.
  3. Use of technology to deliver our services globally transparently, fully maintaining the tenets of integrity, impartiality, confidentiality and professionalism. We would measure it by deploying certification exams through Internet media. We have deployed the random generation techniques to generate the questions for the examination. We would continue to improve the CAB efficiency ensuring that the time taken to declare results are improved by 5%. We would introduce one element of modern technology in our certification processes on an annual basis.
  4. Regularly upgrade our tools and techniques to maintain our certifications globally relevant and maintain the certification quality high. We will continuously monitor the state of the project management including case studies and adopt the same in our syllabus impacting the question bank and its application to the candidates. (Deployment plan feedback etc. excellent – based on the syllabus). At present, our certification is the only one globally with negative 25% of the wrong answers. In next 5 years, the negative marking % will be increased to 33% making it globally most robust. We will continuously monitor the state of the project management by at least once in two years attending global seminar or conference. Based on the industry feedback and interaction at a global level, we will also suggest to SO to include more scenario based questions and to incorporate new questions reflecting the new trends. We would measure by at least suggesting one new idea per year.
  5. Establish and maintain linkages at national and global level, creating the focus on professionalism in project management and meeting the expectations of policy makers. We would on a regular basis collaborate with the international bodies involved in projects and programs including risk management. We would at least attend or host one conference or seminar with participation from leaders of the profession at a global level.