i2P2M is a leading certification body and offers a number of widely used Project Management certifications that cover all aspects of project management as well as specific domains in Project Management. It also offers certifications that are suitable for all project professionals, for all employees iacross support functions as well as for graduates and post graduates.

These include the following certifications:


Certificate In Project Management (CIPM)
Certificate In Risk Management (CrtPRM)
Certificate in Earned Value Management (CrtEVM)
Certificate in Agile Project Management (CrtAgPM)
Certificate in Advanced Project Management (CrtAPM)
Introductory Certificate In Project Management (IntroCIPM)
Project Management Basics (PM Step1)





The CIPM examination is administered by i2P2M which is deeply involved in providing all round world class education and development in project management to meet the challenges and complexities at the work place. Today, there are about 17000 CIPM credential holders from leading companies in India and 23 countries worldwide.


In the field of project management, some of the best brains at a global level have been engaged in creating the architecture of the site as well as its contents. The Subject Matter Experts (SME's) represent a very wide community covering academics, business leaders and PM Professionals.

PM Step 1

PM Step1 provides a common business language across an enterprise across all the levels of management and executives. It is equally applicable to graduate and undergraduate student community helping them to acquire basic knowledge in managing a project or change.

Risk Management

International Institute of Projects and Program Management (I2P2M), administers various certification examinations such as Certificate in Project Risk Management (CrtPRM),


Earned Value Management System course for individual who already have working knowledge and experience in earned value management (EVM). It provides the project management practitioner with new insight, methods and approach to accessing the technical, schedule and cost of the project progress on which project managers can take better decision and control the impediment.

The course summery of the performance measurement data elements and types of reporting, performance indices and trend information and how to integrate technical, schedule and performance measurement data for forecasting the schedule and cost outcome of the project.

Complex Management

Human Recourse & Leadership