i2P2M is pioneering various Project Management certifications including the leading Certificate In Project Management (CIPM) credential. 17,000+ persons from 600+ companies across 25 countries have acquired the CIPM credential. i2P2M does not carry out any training. Candidates can prepare for the certifications from relevant training institutes.

As mentioned earlier, i2P2M is a leading certification body and offers a number of widely used Project Management certifications that cover all aspects of project management as well as specific domains in project management. i2P2M certification programs are suitable for project professionals, for all employees in support functions of organisations as well as for graduates and post graduates.

With the objectives to meet the challenges and complexities at the work place in managing projects, the “Certificate In Project Management” certification scheme had been developed by International Institute of Project & Program Management (i2P2M) for Personnel. i2P2M has two distinct functional groups, one is the Certification Scheme Owner since May 2008 and other is the Certification Assessment Body (CAB) which is responsible for the scheme operation, for the award of the Certificate In Project Management.

i2P2M offers the following 7 project management certifications:

Certificate In Project Management (CIPM)
Introductory Certificate In Project Management (IntroCIPM)
Certificate In Project Risk Management (CrtPRM)
Certificate in Project Management Essentials (CrtPME)
Certificate in Earned Value Management (CrtEVM)
Certificate in Agile Project Management (CrtAgPM)
Certificate in Advanced Project Management (CrtAPM)





The 'Certificate in Project Management (CIPM)' is a globally used PM certificate and it is administered by i2P2M.Today, there are about 17000+ CIPM credential holders from 600+ leading companies in India and 25 countries worldwide.


IntroCIPM certificate is an excellent certificate in the field of project management. It provides hard and soft skills and a common business language across an enterprise.


Risk management is extremely important in managing projects effectively. International Institute of Projects and Program Management (i2P2M) administers the Certificate in Project Risk Management (CrtPRM). There are 850+ persons across 90+ companies who have acquired this certificate.


Project Management Essentials provides a common business language across an enterprise across all the levels of management and executives. It is equally applicable to the graduate and the undergraduate student community helping them to acquire basic knowledge in managing a project or change.


Earned Value Management System (EVMS) is a key project management tool to monitor and control the performance of the project. It integrates the project's Scope, Schedule and Cost and provides the project management practitioner with new insight, methods and approach to monitor project progress on which project managers can take better decision and control any impediments. International Institute of Projects and Program Management (i2P2M) administers the CrtEVM certificate.


In today's dynamic, volatile era of rapid changes we need to have a system of giving some deliverables that can be used and incorporating changes as project moves forward giving rise to an agile method of managing projects. This course deals with Agile way of managing projects. International Institute of Projects and Program Management (i2P2M) administers the CrtAgPM certificate.


This certificate deals with different advanced concepts of project management such as Stakeholder Alignment, Complex Project Management, Roles, Responsibility, Accountability, Advanced Risk Management, Contracts & Procurement, Earned Value Management System, Executive Decision Making etc.