We recommend the Certificate In Project Management credential for Graduates and Post Graduates

Certificate In Project Management (CIPM)
Worldwide Recognition
 Dr. B. Nag, Professor
“I myself have gone through the CIPM and in my opinion, it should be a pre-requisite for all PM professionals globally.”
- Dr. B. Nag, Professor,
IIM Calcutta (2015)
Dr. Hiroshi Tanaka
“Certificate in Project Management should become a must for professionals of an enterprise to create a common vocabulary.”
- Dr. Hiroshi Tanaka, President,
Project Management Association,
Japan (2007)
Dr. Vladimir Voropajev
“Certificate In Project Management is a major step forward for the PM profession.”
-Dr. Vladimir Voropajev,
President, Russia Project
Management Association (2007)
17,000+ CIPM holders from 600+ companies across 25 countries

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Why Certificate In Project Management (CIPM)?

  • Widely recognized Credential offered by i2P2M
  • Very rapid growth in CIPM certificate holders across 600+ companies
  • Very comprehensive content covering entire project life cycle from conceptualization to delivery
  • Cutting edge technical tools, techniques, behaviourial requirements for effective team work
  • Improves your goal setting, decision making and problem solving skills, with better team work
  • Can apply CIPM skills and knowledge at workplace
  CIPM Growth Chart

Managing change is becoming increasingly complex due to rapid technological advances and instant seamless exchange of information globally. Goals and strategies can be successfully achieved through projects. Past experience must be tempered with the future to manage changes pro-actively. We must take decisions consciously considering uncertainties. The challenge in managing projects lies in accelerating the 'rate of reduction of uncertainties'.

CIPM covers Eight Project Life Cycle Phases (PLC)

Project Life Cycle

38 Knowledge Areas with 126 Concepts across Hard and Soft skills
Globally accepted comprehensive syllabus with an extremely robust certification process

There are eight Project Life Cycle (PLC) phases - Conceptualize, Plan, Organize, Implement, Control, Integrate, Deliver and Closeout and Knowledge Leverage. Each phase has been depicted using different colors of varying intensity showing the intensity of the work during that phase.

Some of the 37 Knowledge Areas covered are: • Stakeholder Management • Business Case • Success Criteria • Project Management Plan • Scope Definition • Time Management • Cost & Finance • Roles & Responsibilities • Risk Management • Procurement • Quality • Information Management & Reporting • Contract Administration • Communication • Organization Structures • Leadership • Motivation • Conflict Resolution • Team Performance • Negotiation • Change Management • Problem Solving • Health, Safety and Environment • CSR • Closeout • Post Project Evaluation

Eight Project Life Cycle Phases (PLC)


CIPM Certification Process

The CIPM examination is administered by i2P2M which is deeply involved in providing all round world class education and development in project management to meet the challenges and complexities at the work place. Today, there are 16,000+ CIPM credential holders in India from leading companies.

The CIPM examination is of 2.5 hour duration and contains four types of questions. Details are given below:


  • Total Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Total Questions: 150 multiple choice questions in 4 sections
  • Total Marks: 200
  • Passing Score: Overall 60% ; 50% marks Must in each section
  • There is Negative marking - 25% of the allotted marks for the question will be deducted for every wrong answer

There are 4 types of questions in the CIPM exam:

  • Type 1 Questions: Has 1 answer to be selected from 4 options. This carries 1 mark
  • Type 2 Questions: Has 1 answer to be selected from 5 options. This carries 2 marks
  • Type 3 Questions: Has 1 answer to be selected from 4 options. This carries 4 marks and are scenario based questions.
  • Type 4 Questions: Has 1 answer to be selected from 4 options. This requires calculations and carries 5 marks.
85 Participants from 42 Organisations attending 3 day workshop leading to Certificate In Project Management (CIPM) & 116 Participants from 44 Organisations attending 3 day workshop leading to Certificate In Project Management