Prendo Simulations, UK is a world leader in providing the world's most advanced Leadership simulations. Today, leaders are facing new and increasingly complex challenges, including working with increasing levels of complexity and ambiguity, accelerating levels of change and uncertainty, as well as ongoing pressure to act responsibly and ultimately, to create value. The most powerful learning method to address the numerous challenges faced in delivering projects successfully is advanced simulation where participants have to take numerous decisions and they can see the consequences of their decisions. Over 3000 Prendo simulation workshops have been run over the last 20 years.

Prendo's simulations are used at many of the world's top business schools, including: Columbia, IMD, INSEAD, MIT Sloan, Oxford/Saïd and Wharton as well as leading companies like UNOPS, Google, Total, Deloitte, Unilever etc. Prendo Simulations, UKs real time computer based simulations which are part of the I/EDPM curriculum provide very valuable real world experiences to participants in managing their projects stakeholder expectations, time, cost, quality, risks, communications, contracts etc. Simulations help the I/EDPM participants to improve their performance and reduce the risk of failure in the real world.

Guy Giffin, Director, Prendo Simulations who leads the simulations in I/EDPM has delivered hundreds of simulation workshops in over 30 countries around the world, with organizations including: Bechtel, EDF Energy, Gazprom, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Petrobras, Shell and the United Nations. He teaches on various MBA, EMBA and executive programs at Cambridge, Columbia, MIT Sloan, etc.

Prendo was commissioned by Shell to design and develop a simulation of how typical spectrum of stakeholders behave during a major project. The simulation brings to life the a universal leadership challenge of maximizing support across a range of parties who have different interests, agendas and motives. The simulation is used across the globe with numerous industries.

PRENDO develops pioneering simulations that model key management, leadership and decision-making challenges.

PRENDO simulations are used in classroom and online learning events, project start-up events, and also for assessments.

At a time when leaders, project teams and organisations need to learn faster and more effectively, PRENDO’s simulations deliver a number of valuable innovations:

  • They provide intense, risk-free experiences
  • These experiences are effective because users “see” cause and effect clearly, and they receive immediate feedback
  • They give teams a chance to apply a very basic principle of improving performance: the need to practise

3 compelling reasons to use a PRENDO simulation:

Prendo’s simulations cover a wide range of topics and are used by leading business schools and organisations around the world: