Vision and Mission

i2P2M's mission is to equip project leaders and managers to handle the complexity of tomorrow by building their Knowledge, Competency and Leadership by comprehensive training of cutting edge knowledge covering both hard and soft sides of project management, exposure to best practices through relevant case studies, real time computer based simulation of complex project scenarios and experience sharing with industry stalwarts.

i2P2M began its journey in 2011 with the Vision to provide the best possible project management executive education globally to executives and senior managers across all industries. It offers the top rated, globally acclaimed International Executive Diploma in Project Management (I/EDPM) in association with The George Washington Unviversity, School of Business, Washington DC, USA.

In last 7 years, i2P2M has realized its Vision with astounding success. The 16 Uniqueness of I/EDPM's part time diploma program is at the core of this accomplishment. This was possible due to the continued encouragement and support from the eminent members of the Academic Industry Council (AIC) who are from academia, industry and government. i2P2M is also thankful to industry leaders for  sharing their valuable experiences.

i2P2M has collaborated for its I/EDPM Program with the George Washington University, School of Business, Washington DC, USA which is the foremost university in project management discipline in USA.

i2P2M believes in participants acquiring latest Knowledge and then developing their competency by applying the knowledge gained in the programme at their work place and demonstrating Leadership.

i2P2M builds Knowledge, Competency and Leadership.