Projects are taken up to build the future and are full of uncertainties. Risk is, therefore, at the center stage of managing projects. Risk is associated with all aspects of a project - scope, time, cost, quality, communication, HR, contracts and integration. Risk can also be triggered by political, technical and social environment. Diverse interests of stakeholders contribute significantly to project risks. Few success stories in managing risks will also be covered. We conduct a Pre Test of 20 minutes at the beginning of this Module to assess participant's current knowledge and then compare nd with the results obtained by the participants in the CrtPRM Exam of 2 hours held on 2 day. On average the improvement in learning the new concepts and best practices in the knowledge domain on average goes up by a factor of 2.9 times..

The training programs for the various certification schemes related to project management is done by Centre for Excellence in Project Management (P) Ltd. (CEPM), an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) of i2P2M. The risk management certification is based on the risk management syllabus developed, designed and owned by CEPM.