Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct Undertaking

I hereby undertake that :
  1. I will undertake all our tasks and activities in a truthful & responsible manner.
  2. I will abide by the law of land and will follow all the expected compliance norms.
  3. I will endeavour to work to the best interest of all stakeholders and will refrain from engaging in any activities which may lead to conflict of interest.
  4. I will be transparent to disclose to my seniors any transactions or relationship that may lead to conflict of interest or are not in interest of our organization.
  5. I will not adopt unfair means & practices for personal or official gains.
  6. I will maintain confidentiality of information & documents, digital or physical & will make all efforts to keep the information safe & secure, physically & digitally.
  7. All information which I am expected to share with the stakeholders will be made accurately and will be time reported in the best interest of business.
  8. I will undertake jobs which are in line with our knowledge, competence & experience.
  9. I will be fair in all our dealings with internal and external stakeholders without prejudice & in all fairness.
  10. I will not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, age or any other creed or colour or social or political preferences.
  11. To comply with the relevant provisions of the certification scheme.
  12. To maintain confidentiality about the question paper, not use any fraudulent means during certification examination.
  13. To make claims regarding certification only with respect to the scope for which certification has been granted & not to use the certification in such a manner as to bring i2P2M into disrepute, and not to make any statement regarding the certification which i2P2M considers misleading or unauthorized.
  14. To inform i2P2M in case of any breach of this code of ethics & professional conduct, at the earliest opportunity.
  15. To discontinue the use of all claims to certification that contain any reference to the i2P2M or certification upon suspension or withdrawal of certification, and to return any certificates issued by the i2P2M.
  16. Not to use the certificate in a misleading manner.
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