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. Historic First World Project Management Forum (WPMF)

The historic First World Project Management Forum (WPMF) was concluded in New Delhi on December 10 with astounding success. 400 + participants across 120 institutions participated. Speakers from 14 countries – Australia, Japan, Norway, Finland, Hunga... Read More

. We All Live in a Momentous Time Slot

We all live in a momentous time slot as for the first time in civilization,  human networks are being built. This process has far reaching implications and will cross all frontiers of imagination. It is just a beginning. We have not yet seen the tip o... Read More

. P4 Evolution Process

In the agriculture age, the social factors as shown in the above diagram were the key factors for Politicization of issues. The major issues were related to land reforms. Economical factors for better living standard of people compelled the business ... Read More

. International/Executive Diploma in Project Management - An Experience Never Experienced Before

International / Executive Diploma in Project Management program saw an astounding growth of 62% in the enrollment in 2018. i2P2M's Revolutionary Management approach in Transforming Learning to Competency Development to its Application at Workplace re... Read More