Historic First World Project Management Forum (WPMF)

The historic First World Project Management Forum (WPMF) was concluded in New Delhi on December 10 with astounding success. 400 + participants across 120 institutions participated. Speakers from 14 countries – Australia, Japan, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Germany, UK, USA, Brazil, UAE etc. spoke on  critical aspects of front end efforts at the time of project creation in vision realisation.

Adesh Jain, Founder of WPMF in his inaugural address showed graphics which captured the background in creating WPMF. Vision can be only accomplished through project creation phase followed by project execution or delivery. The outcome of a project is in realisation of benefits, he referred to as Actual Benefits (AB). AB is compared with Visualised Benefits at the time of visioning process. For project success , the gap between VB and AB should be as low as possible.