The Certification in Project Management (CIPM) examination is administered by i2P2M which is deeply involved in providing all round world class education and development in project management to meet the challenges and complexities at the work place. Today, there are 15000+CIPM credential holders globally from leading companies.

CIPM Exam Details

CIPM Exam is administered by : International Institute of Projects and Program Management (i2P2M)
Total time allotted for giving the exam : 2 hour 30 minutes
(Please note the few seconds taken to submit & fetch each questions and the time taken to read the initial instruction/navigation screens is not added in the allotted time of 2 hour 30 minutes).
The exam is to be done in one go and on same date.
Total questions to be answered : 150 questions subdivided into 4 sections
Maximum Marks : 200 marks
Passing score : Candidate must clear all the 4 sections independently by scoring at least 50% in each Section. It is also necessary to get overall 60% of the maximum marks i.e. a score of 120 out of 200.


Section Project life cycle phases covered in this section Maximum Marks Pass marks
Section1 Conceptualization & Knowledge Leverage 42 21
Section2 Plan and Organization 74 37
Section3 Implementation and Control 44 22
Section4 Integration and Delivery / closeout 40 20



Types of Questions : There are three types of objective multiple choice questions in the paper.
  • Type 1: Has 1 answer from 4 options. Carries 1 mark
  • Type 2: Has 1 answer from 5 options. Carries 2 marks.
  • Type 3: Select 1 answer from 4 options. Needs calculations. Carries 5 marks.
Negative marking : There is negative marking for each wrong selection. 25% of the allotted marks for the question will be deducted. e.g. if the question is for 1 mark, .25 will be deducted if it is answered wrong. Skipped questions are not scored i.e. have a zero score.
Closed Book test : This is a closed book test. You cannot carry any books or other study material apart from a non programmable calculator.


Exam Fee

INR 7,500 (+ GST)


CIPM - Sample Certificate

CIPM Sample Certificate