i2P2M has two major streams. One stream is in providing the International /Executive Diploma in Project Management (IEDPM) in association with School of Business, The George Washington University, USA, The second stream relates to administering of nine project management certifications for individuals.

For project management certification for Individuals, i2P2M has established most robust certification system at a global level. It has numerous unique factors to its certification programs based on having negative marking for the wrong answers, the entire set of questions are divided in to 4 major sections and a candidate is required to pass in all the 4 sections independently besides scoring the overall passing percentage.

For International / Executive Diploma in project Management, i2P2M has established the most robust 16 uniqueness as given below.


Test Knowledge Acquired

Apply New Knowledge

Experience Consulting Process

Acceptance By Management

Competency development to its application at workplace

Learn from success stories of leaders

Research & Learning

Articulate your concerns in implementing projects

Learning from Success Stories

Evolving Best Practices for their company

Make Positive Impact to Organization Working

Recognize excellence and Award Scholarship

Early Buying in of the senior management

Facilitating implementation

Communicate and share across alumni network

Learn without disrupting office work