Impartiality Policy

i2P2M understands the importance of and is committed to impartiality in ensuring that the certification activity is carried out by Certification Assessment Body (CAB) including managing conflict of interest and ensuring objectivity in their certification activities by complying with the following :

  • CAB should act impartially to all applicants, applicants and certified persons irrespective of their associations, background, location, employment.
  • CAB should treat all applicants, applicants or certified persons fairly and equally during the certification process and subsequently.
  • Certification should not be restricted on the ground of undue financial or other limiting conditions.
  • CAB should ensure that it’s financial dealings are fair, fee structure is market based and no money is unduly charged based on applicant’s affiliations / background/ performance, including memberships of groups, source of training etc.
  • CAB should remain fully responsible for all certification decisions and the impartiality of certification processes and does not allow any extraneous influence including any commercial, financial and other pressures.
  • CAB should accept application of any person, irrespective of where he/she gets his project management training as compliance of the eligibility criteria