CIPM Certification Process

The CIPM examination is administered by i2P2M which is deeply involved in providing all round world class education and development in project management to meet the challenges and complexities at the work place.

Today, there are 16,000+ CIPM credential holders in 500+ India's leading Public and Private sector companies as well as Central and State Government. Persons across 20 countries have also acquired the leading, top-rated CIPM credential.

Formal Training Mandatory: Before being eligible to appear in the CIPM exam it is mandatory for candidates to first undergo formal training in the Totality of Project Management curriculum as the CIPM certificate is aligned to this curriculum.

The CIPM examination is a very robust 2.5 hour, objective, multiple choice exam with negative marking. The exam paper has three types of questions and is sub divided into 4 sections. All the sections have to be independently cleared. The examination can de done as a paper and pencil exam or as an online exam.

CIPM Exam details are :
  • Total Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Total Questions: 150 multiple choice questions in 4 sections
  • Total Marks: 200
  • Passing Score: Overall 60% across the 4 sections ; 50% marks are Must in each section
  • There is Negative marking - 25% of the allotted marks for the question will be deducted for every wrong answer

There are 3 types of questions in the CIPM exam:

  • Type 1 Questions: Has 1 answer to be selected from 4 options. This carries 1 mark
  • Type 2 Questions: Has 1 answer to be selected from 5 options. This carries 2 marks
  • Type 3 Questions: Has 1 answer to be selected from 4 options. This requires calculations and carries 5 marks.