Centre for Excellence in Project Management (CEPM)

Centre for Excellence in Project Management (CEPM) formed in 1992 is the foremost training and consulting organisation in India in the field of modern Project Management.

CEPM was established to address Adesh Jain’s vision of providing an effective platform to manage business changes and its transition processes. He was confident that more and more companies will orient their operations using project management methodologies and that project management will become a high growth field in the 21st century.

CEPM’s experience in delivering consultancy, training and PM software solutions is highly rated by industry. CEPM provides project management training via in-company and public seminars and supports both critical path and critical chain based enterprise-wide project management solutions.

In 1992, Centre for Excellence in Project Management (CEPM) organized the First International Conference on ‘New Dimensions in Project Management‘ in association with United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In view of CEPM’s outstanding success in promoting project management, UNDP again associated with CEPM for their next two International conferences in 1993 and 1994. Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India supported the First International Conference in 1992.

This laid the foundation for introducing scientific project management discipline in India.

CEPM offers the best project management thinking from leading experts.
From consulting to coaching, from training to application and from mentoring to setting up of PM office, CEPM is a trusted partner.